Nicole Howlett

Property Investment Department Manager

Nicole, with 10+ years experience, ensures the Property Management Department runs smoothly and to the best of everyone's ability. Nicole brings new and exciting knowledge and skills to the team and supplies a strict work schedule for the Property Management Department. She is a strong team leader, with proven abilities to strive a large team to achieve impeccable results for the entire office and to satisfy her Client's needs. Nicole has a extremely professional approach to her team and Clients and allows herself to build a very trusting and serene rapport with people from all walks of life.

What our customers say

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Thanks Nicole. Have been very impressed with your service. Regards David Mason

To whom it may concern, I feel a little guilty that it's taken me this long to send this e-mail. But only because Nicole has done a great job at helping me handling the rental of my property. Between her professionalism and the systems in place, she has done a great job and she has only been my agent for a very short amount of time. You simply can't buy that sort of peace of mind that she brings to the table. I am confident that this will only get better over time. Regards, David Birch